The Half Marathon begins with an easy 2-mile jaunt through the Paiute Meadows Area, with towering pines, soft meadow grass and the gentle downhill along Bagwell Springs Creek.  At the 2 mile mark, runners turn up Old Paul Bunyan Logging Road and head up the Paiute Creek Canyon.  Keep a good pace up the gentle incline of Old Paul Bunyan Logging road and you’ll be rewarded by the nice roller coaster downhill of the Canyon trail, just on the other side of Paiute Creek.  Stop for a snack or stick your toes in the water at the Beaver Pond aid station #1 before heading up Beaver Trail to some spectacular views of the valley.  While there are numerous benches scattered around at all of the best vista points, resist the urge to sit.  Travel the switchbacks up to the top of Lazy Lizard and enjoy the flight back down to the top of Coyote Bluff Trail.  After crossing the Bagwell Creek Bridge, hang a sharp left up Bagwell Springs trail to the top of Bullyvard.  From there it’s like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, through Scrap Iron Trail, until you reach the base of Heart Attack (yeah, it’s really called that because of a REAL heart attack!) and Aid Station #2.  Switchback your way 1 mile up Heart Attack Hill, catch the view as you turn around, but don’t lollygag because the turnaround downhill finish is fast and furious!