Beginning and ending in the Main Entrance to Susanville Ranch Park, this race starts with an easy 2-mile wind through the Paiute Meadows Area.   After cresting Stonewall trail, enjoy the towering pines, soft meadow grass, and the gentle downhill along Bagwell Springs Creek, within cheering distance of the start, and down the Dairy Trail through an apple orchard.  At the 2 mile mark, runners turn up Old Paul Bunyan Logging Road and head up the Paiute Creek Canyon.  Before you get too far, split off to the right, cross over Paiute Creek, through the top of the meadows and reach the bottom of the locally- dreaded Coyote Bluff.   Head up and over Coyote Bluff, back through the towering pines to Stonewall trail.  As soon as you get comfortable on Stonewall’s gentle downhill and cross Bagwell Springs Creek again, feel the burn but pick up your feet for the final fast climb up Horse Trail. Before you know it, you’ll reach the turn toward home.  The all-downhill path to the end will give you just the speed you need to raise the cheers at the finish!